Most of us spend our youth browsing the online humour platform 9GAG to brighten our day. The contents have been entertaining to say the least, with memes that makes you rolling-on-the floor-laughing. Now, the online platform has moved a level-up, and has opened the world’s first ‘Meme Museum’ in Hong Kong. With memes becoming part of how people communicate nowadays, the Meme Museum makes for an exciting spot to visit.

The museum is located in the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong. This museum celebrates some of the most humorous videos and images that have gone viral on the internet. It also allows visitors to explore the history of memes, along with the opportunity of celebrating the best of internet culture in the real world. The catch is, the museum is free of charge!

The museum showcase more. than 100 memes that visitors can interact with, and it also has seven themed zones centred around Troll Face, Doge, Distracted Boyfriend, Disaster Girl, and many more. Sarim Akhtar, the disappointed Pakistani fan, who has been the subject of memes since 2019, has also now found a spot in the said museum. He even tweeted about it, and stated that the video was spotted by his sister.

Per the profile on the K11’s Art Mall’s website, “They’re more than jokes, but how we celebrate and satirise current events, and how we self-deprecate as a community. It’s internet culture, and we’re taking the best of it so you can experience the glory and evolution of some of the most humorous jokes of our time in person.”

K11 Art Mall teamed up with 9GAG to launch this world’s first Meme Museum, whereas the museum in itself is a limited experience that will help you to witness the evolution of memes through 3D figures, imagery, and even scent.