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Stepping Back In Bandar Maharani

It’s time to drive down south to Muar for the best culinary adventure. Apart from the local food, immerse yourself in Johor’s rich art and the local food, immerse yourself in Johor’s immerse yourself in Johor’s Rich Art and culture scene where Barongan and Kuda kepang take centerstage. Faizal Harun Nasution stayed in the historical city fondly known as Bandar Maharani for the weekend and recommends seven must-visit locations.

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Unravel The Jewels Hidden In The South

Often on excursions, the experiences vary from one destination to another, nothing is set in stone. Muar or less commonly known as Bandar Maharani, is located in the state of Johor. Although it is not as immense as other major tourist sites, it has its own sui generis charm, traversing into the unknown which will ultimately leave us in awe and besotted in its wonders.

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Ultra-Luxe Vacations For The Rich And Discreet

Not everyone loves to show off their luxury lifestyle and most of the super rich today lives a quiet life away from the public attention. When they go on vacations, they make sure the chosen establishment where they’re staying offers the ultimate privacy. From the South Pacific beaches of Bora Bora to the savannahs of South Africa, here are seven luxurious resorts that offer everything that the wealthiest travelers are looking for and more. Imagine exclusive trips include private islands to safari adventures.

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