Oilzania Borneo is fast becoming the go-to brand for those who are searching for natural wellness products – made locally. Each of its handmade products are lovingly blended with plant-based ingredients, crafted to perfection with the cutest packaging to add. Non-toxic and safe, these special selections of balms also come in a form of inhalers.

1 GOODBYE SORENESS This handmade balm relaxes your tense muscles and provide the much-needed pain relief. Keep one in your bag as it’s also safe for children to use.

2 BLOSSOMS BALM This special balm is a must-have for every woman. With a generous blend of essential oil, vegan wax and coconut oil, Blossoms Balm helps elevate moods during menstrual cycle.

3 KIDS BALM CHESTRUB As substitute for cough suppressants, try this soothing rub for your toddlers to clear the chest congestion caused by the uneasiness of coughing.

4 BALM PEPPERMINT The cooling effect of this multipurpose balm will keep your mind off from the cough and colds. The mint is also known to have antibacterial properties and improves allergies.

5 BALM BATUK CHESTRUB Lessen the irritation due to clogged airways and stuffiness with a good chest rub made with an all-natural ingredient.

6 SLEEP WELL RUB BALM Exhaustion can sometimes lead to restlessness and sleepless nights. This therapeutic balm works wonders for those who has trouble sleeping.