In order to support and promote local artwork, Penang-based furniture brand – Balak’s is partnering with well-known local artist, Cloakwork and come up with its latest product – the Cloak-ffee Table.

The Cloak-ffee Table, a product collaboration between Balak’s and Cloakwork

The KL-based graffiti artists and illustrator has been painting all around the world, collaborating with brands such as Nike, Samsung, YouTube, and foodpanda. He has also worked on projects such as the Crazy Rich Asians film and his artworks can be found in certain part of the country, to the headquarters of AirAsia located in Sepang.

With Balak’s refined craftsmanship, together with Cloakwork’s contemporary design, the exclusive, avant-garde table will be available for purchase, not only as an art collection, but also for people who are looking for a functional and practical furniture to decorate their abode.

Cloakwork is famous for his ability to fused his own style in a fun and creative way that encapsulate the feeling of youth, freedom, and rebelliousness. His approach has pan across different countries.  

According to him, he has always looked up to Nychos, Rime, James Jean, and Michael Lau as these artists not only create good art, but it also tells stories to the people.

“I picked up my first can of graffiti paint when I was a college rebel, simply because I thought college life was getting a little too stale. Now, I create art that has a purpose, and I’m honored to partner with Balak’s this time around to bring my iconic design into the homes of Malaysians to help promote the appreciation of local modern art,” says Cloakwork.   

Lucas, director of Balak’s hope that through this collaboration, it will push the discussion of art in the country as the topic is often sidelined despite having many local talents.

“Cloakwork is Malaysia’s pride, pushing far past the local art scene and making his presence recognised on the international landscape. We are very confident that the ‘masterpiece’ of Cloakwork’s iconic graffiti art style and our honest handiwork will be well-received by the public.”

A clear fusion between traditional craftsmanship and modern, contemporary artwork, the Cloak-ffee Table is the perfect example where the old and the new coming together, making it perfect for those seeking for functionality and also an eye-pleaser.

The limited-edition table will be available starting 1 June 2022 and only 38 pieces will be produced.