Have you ever been in a relationship, and you feel suffocated? You feel restricted and there’s no room to enjoy the relationship or feel loved? Chances are, you might be in a toxic relationship. Some toxic relationships may leave permanent scarring for your future potential relationships, and things can just go downhill. So here, we are going share some of the most common signs of a toxic relationship.

1. Controlling (Distrust, passive-aggression, jealousy)

Does your partner control your every movement when you are in a relationship? Who can you go out with, what time you have to come home, what to wear and what not to dress, distrust on you, constant texting when you are out with families or friends? These are some signs that you are in a toxic relationship. Being in a relationship means loving each other as they were and compromise with each other and working together to fix faults. Even if we are committed in a relationship, we are still our own person, and no one has any rights to change yourself in order to suit their liking.

2. Emotionally, and sometimes, physically abusive

Of course, if you partner is physically abusive, it’s time to leave the person lickety-split. No human should ever suffer in the hands of other people, and definitely not in the hands of your partner, when they should be giving you safety and comfort, instead they did the opposite. Although, it is sometime hard for a person to recognise whether you are emotionally abused, as some might have suffered it since their childhood from their parents or relative. If your partner constantly berates you, humiliate, calling you names, shouting, or giving constant criticisms, these are examples of emotional abuse. Recognise these signs as over time, you might be desensitised and will develop low self-esteem. It will degenerate your overall mental and physical well-being in the long run.

3. Hypocrite

Is your partner hypocritical when they talk about your relationship to other people compared to when you are alone with them? If so, they are a hypocrite. In order to show that they have this picturesque-movie-inspired romance to show off to their friends or other people, but behaving a total opposite when in private, that is a sign that it is time to leave them. There is no fairy tale ending in relationships. There is always highs and lows, ups and downs, arguments back and forth and all that. That is the part and parcel of being committed in a relationship.  

These are some signs that you should look out for if you are unsure whether you are committed in a toxic relationship with your partner. Sure, some people can change their behaviour through couple therapies. However, should your partner find it hard to discard their bad habit, you can either give them the ultimatum or leave them. Your welfare and happiness should never be undermined.