The Prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is known for many things, one of it is his lavish car collection. With a fortune of over 750 million euros, the heir to the throne is a fan of sports cars and has a lavish collection of over 300 models.

A swipe through his Instagram account, one can see definitely tell that he is obsessed with football and cars, as he can often be seen posing with some of his vast collection.

Ford GT, Bentley Continental Convertible, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, Mercedes G63 AMG, Rolls Royce Ghost, Dawn (white and blue), Wraith and Cullinan (white, black, red) are just a few of the names that can be found in his extensive garage.

Money is certainly no object for the Prince of Johor, and sports cars are a relatively cheap indulgence.

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