In November 2020, the Voxan Wattman hits 408.77 km/h and became the world’s fastest electric motorbike.  The motorbike was always intended to be a record-breaker. The electric motorbike was developed just for the sake of setting a new land speed record.

Powered by 270 kW Mercedes Formula E race car engine, the bike peaked at a top speed of 372 km, it is officially the fastest electric motorbike in the world.

However, White Motorcycle Concepts, a UK-based company focusing on pioneering aerodynamics, advanced sustainability and visionary engineering, has built a unique prototype in hope to smash a land speed record.

New Contender for The World’s Fastest Electric Motorbike
The WMC250EV hopes to beat the Voxan Wattman’s title in becoming the world’s fastest electric motorbike.

Its prototype, named WMC250EV could wind up beating the record held by the Voxan Wattman by a considerable margin. A quick glance at the concept shows why it stands out: The bike features a hole that runs from the front to the back. This duct system, dubbed “V-Air,” makes it the most “aerodynamically efficient motorcycle in the world,” according to its maker. By forcing air through the middle of the bike instead of around it, the WMC250EV reduces drag by up to 70 percent — figures that have been tested at the UK’s Horiba MIRA facility. 

NEW CONTENDER FOR THE WORLD’S FASTEST ELECTRIC MOTORBIKENew Contender for The World’s Fastest Electric Motorbike
A concept of the WMC250EV.

The company has to be more creative with the rest of the design as well instead of just sprucing up the top part. According to Top Gear, the electric drivetrain and battery packs are crammed in the bottom half. It also uses a double-swingarm suspension system. The rear wheel is chain-driven by a pair of 30kW electric motors, while two 20kW power the front wheel. Together, they deliver a total of 100kW, or 134 hp.

An attempt to test out the WMC250EV will be put to test later this year. Its driver, Rob White, a motorsport veteran with stints at Formula One, Le Mans Prototype, V8 supercar and World Endurance Championship race teams, thinks that a speed of over 402.33 km/h is achievable.