Amelia Earhart once said: “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots springs up and make new trees”. Deeds, whether good or bad, always results in ripple effect. As the saying goes, good begets good, evil begets evil, and the cycle goes on. Often, the evil overshadowed the good.

Media often paint bad things and events as their headlines and side-line the good. With all that said, our society needs more of the good than the bad right now, especially with the worsening economy, brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to that, many people have lost their jobs, and subsequently lost their source of income. Although the government channelled aid to individuals and families which are badly affected by the pandemic, it is never enough.

Since the implementation of Movement Control Order (MCO) last year, suicide cases in Malaysia have been more and more rampant. Befrienders KL have recorded a significant increase in calls, from the stressed, lonely and even from those feeling suicidal. Pictures of suicide victims have been circulating many Malaysians online chat platform, many of which depicting the location of where the victims commit suicide. Others, it showcases the last moments the victims were seen breathing, before ending it all.

In light of the escalating suicide cases in Malaysia, Malaysians on social media have come up with the #benderaputih (white flag) movement for those in dire need of food and essentials to indicate this to neighbours without needing to beg for help. The movement suggested that those who desperately needed assistance fly a white flag or cloth outside their homes, which would let those able to help know which households could be facing extreme difficulties.

The World Needs More Kindness, Even More Than Before
Malaysians have started #benderaputih movement on social media to help those in dire need.

“Raise a white flag at your home if you need help with food and essentials. Do not take action that will hurt you and your loved ones. Avoid stress. No need to beg or humiliate (yourselves). Just fly a white flag. Please let there be those who will help,” said one poster promoting the #benderaputih movement.

This movement to help fellow countryman is definitely poignant portrayal of how in times of distress, everyone can band together and spread a bit of kindness to those in need. Sometimes altruism is not manifested in manners that we have hoped, but this benevolence can change a person’s world, no matter how small the action is. 

Albeit many of us are fighting our own battles differently, yet it should be kept in mind that there is always someone there for us to help us get through treacherous period. If you need help, reach out. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness.    This world needs as much love as it can get.