Located in Banting, Azam Motor is an automotive workshop that was founded in 1990 and it is wholly Bumiputera-owned. Operating for more than three decades, the company now has branches in parts of Selangor, such as Sepang, Kajang, and Sungai Buloh. It even established itself in the northern region, at Sungai Petani, Kedah for a short while from 2015 to 2019. Azam Motor is run by a husband and wife duo, Mispan Bin Ribut and Mastinah Mohamad Sani.  

Azam Motor services automotive ranging from motorcycles, to cars, and vehicles weighing more than three tons. It serves as a one-stop service centre as it provides services such as repairs, spare parts suppliers, vehicles towing service, vehicle refurbishment, handling of JPJ and Puspakom, insurance claims, vehicle rental, automotive consultations, and also student training centre (SLDN).

Armed with the vision of becoming a company that provides a multi-service automotive workshop and to be the leading Bumiputera automotive company in Malaysia, Azam Motor has worked with many corporate companies in the country, such as Air Selangor, Pos Malaysia, Tenaga Malaysia, and Malaysia Airlines, just to name a few. The reputation that the company has also drives it to work towards its mission, which is to always be consistent in improving the quality of its vehicle repair service to meet the customers’ expectations and current needs.  

The automotive industry is no longer a ‘man’s world’, as can be seen in the organisation chart of Azam Motor. The workshop is managed by Mastinah, who holds the position of a Managing Director in the company. Mastinah oversees all operations of Azam Motor, together with her husband, Mispan who holds the position of Operation Manager. She enters the industry as the uniqueness of the industry is appealing to her. “I want to try something new by joining this automotive sector. I want to prove that automotive is not for men only.”

According to the statistics given by Azam Motor, women make up nine percent of its company. So it’s no surprise that Mastinah is proud to be the head of an automotive company, which is almost always dominated by men. She considered it her biggest achievement to be able to helm the position of a Managing Director, and that her effort to spearhead her company in the industry paid off. “People always said that automotive is just for men but now I can prove to the world that women can also be successful in this sector.”

Moving forward, Mastinah hopes to make her company one of the most successful Bumiputera companies in the country, in addition to setting up more franchises and training future entrepreneurs. As one of the recipients of the Women of Excellence Award, she plans to use this chance to encourage more entrepreneurs to enter this sector. “At the same time, it also gives me the opportunity to expand the business and go further than where we are now,” she said.