Within three decades, Siti Healthcare Sdn Bhd has served millions of patients with quality medical care for all Malaysians from all walks of life. From a single clinic to a network of premier private clinics, Klinik Siti has become one of our country’s most trusted name in the healthcare industry and continues to aim in providing an exceptional experience in primary care.

Datin Sri Dr Yetti Murni Binti Zamris and her husband, . Dato’ Sri Dr Muhammad Ali

Datin Dr Siti Ropeah Binti Yusoff opened the first Klinik Siti in Banting in 1991 and the establishment is still operating until today. Six years ago, her son, Dato’ Sri Dr Muhammad Ali Bin Datuk Dr Yahya took over the helm as the Chairman and further elevates the medical capabilities and expands the business possibilities with the launch of more outlets. Within four years, he managed to launched 30 clinics across Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan. Dato’ Sri Dr Muhammad Ali even established subsidiary companies which are Siti Media Network, Siti Pharma Sdn Bhd and Siti Electrical & Services Sdn Bhd.

Datin Sri Dr Yetti Murni Binti Zamris is the Chief Financial Officer cum Medical Director at Klinik Siti

Today, Klinik Siti has 31 fully operating branches offering high quality treatments for outpatients including men, women, children, and senior citizens. Klinik Siti provides female doctors at all of its private practices and more residents are joining soon as more clinics are opening in the near future including Women’s Specialized Centre and Dental Clinic. Datin Sri Dr Yetti Murni Binti Zamris as the Chief Financial Officer cum Medical Director had planned out the blue print of the company where more services are offered alongside with the latest state-of-the-art facilities.

Besides the usual medical checkup, Klinik Siti offers most treatment demanded by today’s communities. Even for pregnancy checkups, Klinik Siti uses the latest equipment technologies such as Ultrasound Scan 2D, Screening Anatomy Scan (SA Scan), 3D4D, 5HD, Screening Anatomy Scan (SA Scan) + 3D4D and Screening Anatomy Scan (SA Scan) + 5HD. Go to Klinik Siti’s website at www.kliniksiti.com for more information about the treatments available and brand locations.