After the fiasco of Naomi Osaka refusing to talk to the press after her competition, she was fined by the xxx, which subsequently leads to her withdrawing from the French Open. In her social media, she talked about how talking to the press gives her anxiety, and how she has been suffering from “long bouts of depression” after winning her first grand slam title in 2018. Following that, many people showed their support to her, including Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and Venus Williams. During Serena Williams’ post-match media conference, the 23-time grand slam champion said: “the only thing I feel is that I feel for Naomi. I feel like I wish I could give her a hug because I know what it’s like. Like I said, I’ve been in those positions.”

Nevertheless, other tennis stars have said media duties are part and parcel of the job. Two-time grand slam champion Victoria Azarenka have said that media is important in developing and promoting the sport. She also added that there are moments when the media needed to be empathetic.

It’s not far-fetch to say that most suicide cases are brought on by depression. Chester Bennington, Avicii, Anthony Bourdain, Leslie Cheung, Kim Jonghyun, Kate Spade, and Robin Williams, are some of the A-List celebrities that have took their own life due to mental illness.

Chester Bennington

The frontman for Linkin Park took his own life by hanging after struggling with depression and substance abuse for most of his life.


Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, reached an astounding level of fame and success, which came with wealth and adoration.  Sadly, the success and fame came with a costly price of anxiety, depression, heavy alcoholism, and ultimately suicide. He was only 28 when he died from self-inflicted wounds from a broken glass.

Anthony Bourdain

The world-renowned chef hanged himself at Le Chambard Hotel in Alsace, France He was on location for a shoot for his cable food and travel show, Parts Unknown. His suicide came a few days after Kate Spade was found dead by hanging.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade, An American fashion designer and entrepreneur, as well as the founder and former co-owner of the designer brand Kate Spade New York was found dead in her Manhattan apartment. Her death was ruled a suicide by hanging. After Spade’s death, her husband released a statement stating that she has been battling depression and anxiety for many years.

Robin Williams

Williams committed suicide by hanging. The comedian’s autopsy report has noted that he has been suffering from depression and anxiety. An examination of his brain tissue suggested that Williams also suffered from “diffuse Lewy body dementia”.

Most people who suffered from mental health shows no signs of impairment when they are at a social setting. Most of them are just as normal as those who are not suffering from any mental illness, but despite that, we should never undermine the seriousness of how detrimental mental health can be. There are no definitive numbers on who is more likely to commit suicide, as depression are silent killers, however, teen suicide rates have been increasing at an alarming rate across the world. The suicides are usually driven by bullying at schools, academic pressure, and sometimes peer pressure.

There is no way of telling whether one is suffering from mental illness. However, people suffering from mental illness usually exhibit symptoms such as feeling sad or down, confused thinking or inability to concentrate, excessive fears or worries, extreme feelings of guilt, mood changes of highs and downs, withdrawal from friends and activities and significant tiredness, low energy or sleep problems.

There is not much on can do for people who are suffering from mental illness, except to be there and supportive for them. If possible, bring them to a psychiatrist or therapy, and most of all, be there for them whenever you can. One small action can change the way they look at life. 

For many people who feel suicidal, there seems to be no other way out. Death describes their world at that moment and the strength of their suicidal feelings should not be under-estimated – they are real and powerful and immediate. There are no magic cures.

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