Under the new guidance planned by the government, face masks and social distancing will be dropped in most workplaces in England. According to The Guardian, A raft of measures designed to hinder the spread of coronavirus among colleagues were introduced by ministers last spring, including physical distancing, one-way systems and the provision of handwashing facilities. Businesses and organisations will be given discretion over how to handle safe working arrangements for their employees in their premises and are advised to run their own risk assessments. Most decisions regarding face masks and distancing will be left to employers. 


Not only did Sweden not impose a national lockdown during the pandemic outbreak last year, it also did not impose mandatory mask wearing. It has only recommended mask wearing during rush hour on public transport. Daily cases are reducing in Sweden, and according to infectious diseases expert at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, she said that removing mask recommendations is likely to have minimal negative impact because rules were “poorly followed in the first place”.


Most states have lifted restrictions on mask wearing for fully vaccinated people in most indoor and outdoor setting, according to advice by the country’s Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in May this year. However, as the country is grappling with the spread off Delta variant, some local public health agencies have advised returning to mask wearing indoors.


China was the epicentre of the pandemic, however, with strict lockdowns and rules, it has managed to keep the situation under control. Reports say that almost the entire country is vaccinated against Covid-19.

New Zealand

The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, has been in the spotlight for her successful management of the pandemic. The country recorded less than 3,000 Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.


Face masks are no longer mandatory in the country, with the exception of hospitals, although people can choose to wear mask if they want to. In May, the Hungarian government announced that most of the country’s remaining restrictions, including the mask mandate, would be lifted upon reaching five million vaccinations.

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