The world has been turned upside down since the pandemic outbreak. No mass gatherings are allowed to avoid getting infected, most companies are adopting a more regular work-from-home policy, and people are advised to stay at home unless necessary. The first few weeks of staying at home might be bearable, and it’s only time before cabin fever kicks in. So here, we have compiled some movies that will be released soon. Hopefully, it can cure you of your boredom.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return to reprise their roles as real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in this third chapter of the original Conjuring franchise. The Devil Made Me Do It reveals a chilling story of terror, murder and unknown evil that shocked even experienced real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. One of the most sensational cases from their files, it starts with a fight for the soul of a young boy, then takes them beyond anything they’d ever seen before.


After the Fate of the Furious events, Dominic Toretto and his family must face Dominic’s younger brother Jakob, a deadly assassin who is working alongside their old enemy Cipher, who holds a personal grudge against Dominic. Also, in this movie, Sung Kang, who plays Hans, will be making a comeback.

Black Widow

After the events that happened at Captain America: Civil War, Natasha Romanoff finds herself alone and forced to confront a dangerous conspiracy tied to her past. Being chased down by a force that will not stop at anything to bring her down, Romanoff must deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships that left her in the wake long before becoming an Avenger.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

LeBron James‘ long-awaited Space Jam sequel will finally arrive in 2021. In this movie, LeBron James and his son find themselves trapped in Serververse, a virtual space ruled by a rogue A.I. LeBron must save his son and get them home safe by leading Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Lola Bunny and the whole gang of notoriously undisciplined Looney Tunes. The team have to win a basketball match against the Goon Squad: a group of powered-up virtual avatars of professionals stars. 

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

The final chapter in the Hotel Transylvania series will not include Adam Sandler as the voice of Dracula. Van Helsing’s mysterious invention, the “Monsterfication Ray”, goes haywire, Drac and his monster pals are all transformed into humans, and Johnny becomes a monster. In their new mismatched bodies, Drac, stripped of his powers, and an exuberant Johnny, loving life as a monster, must team up and race across the globe to find a cure before it’s too late. With help from Mavis and the hilariously human Drac pack, the heat is on to find a way to switch themselves back before their transformations become permanent.

Jungle Cruise

The movie took place during the early 20th century. A riverboat captain named Frank takes a scientist and her brother on a mission into a jungle to find the Tree of Life, which is believed to possess healing powers. The trio must fight against dangerous wild animals and a competing German expedition.

The Suicide Squad

Imprisoned convicts of Belle Reve prison are sent as members of Task Force X to the South American island of Corto Maltese to destroy Jotunheim, a Nazi-era prison and laboratory which held political prisoners and conducted experiments.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Sami Liu will take on the role of Shang-Chi, alongside Awkwafina and Michelle Yeoh. When Shang-Chi is drawn to the clandestine Ten Rings organisation, he is forced to confront the past he thought he left behind.

The Boss Baby: Family Business

The two brothers, Tim and Ted, have all grown up and become adults and have drifted away from each other. Tim is now a married dad, while Ted is a CEO. Tim and his wife, Carol, live in the suburbs with their 7-year-old daughter Tabitha and new infant Tina. Tabitha idolised her uncle Ted and wanted to be like him, but Tim was worried about Tabitha missing a normal childhood. When baby Tina reveals that she’s a top-secret agent from Baby Corp, who’s on a mission to uncover the dark secrets behind Tabitha’s school and its mysterious founder, which will unexpectedly reunite the Templeton brothers, leading them to re-evaluate the meaning of family and discover what matters.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Sometime after the events of Venom, Eddie Brock struggles to adjust to life as the host of the alien symbiote Venom, which grants him super-human abilities to be a lethal vigilante. Brock attempts to reignite his career by interviewing serial killer Cletus Kasady, who becomes the host of the symbiote Carnage and escapes prison after a failed execution.

No Time to Die

In this movie, Danie Craig returns for his fifth and probably final turn as 007. Five years after the capture of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, James Bond has left active service. He is approached by his friend and CIA officer Felix Leiter, who enlist his help to search for Valdo Obruchev, a missing scientist. When it came to light that the scientist has been abducted, Bond must confront a villain whose schemes could see the death of millions.

The King’s Man

The film serves as a prequel to 2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service and 2017’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Audiences will understand how Kingsman came to exist in the first place in this movie, which is set in the early 1900s.