The print industry is thriving and is a far from dying industry as its versatility and flexibility as a marketing tool keeps it from closing the shutters. However, recent market shifts due to the pandemic have seen printing industry players struggling to stay afloat.

With this concern in mind, Singapore’s premier printing service provider, ExpressPrint has expanded operations into the Malaysian market and at the same time, unveiled its artificial intelligence (AI) software, PriceCal, which is set to revolutionise the print industry.

Designed by printers for printers, PriceCal was developed as a simple tool to increase business capabilities and capacities, simultaneously unleashing companies’ potential through connecting printing companies with other players in the industry.

Welson Ang, Founder of ExpressPrint

According to ExpressPrint founder, Welson Ang, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the industry greatly, especially customer flow and also business norms.

“Through PriceCal, we not only effectively remove some of the biggest obstacles in the industry, but we also equip service providers with intuitive, unintrusive, and future-proof solutions all with the aim of substantially increasing the print industry user’s revenue,”he said.

PriceCal is an AI-powered smart price calculation software that assists printers in automating and digitising the ordering process in order to increase client interaction while optimising cost and pricing structures.

In addition to broadening customer bases across the country with a better digital experience, PriceCal exponentially increases the range of services and goods printers can provide. By linking smaller-scale printers to larger-scale wholesalers who can provide the extra services and solutions that are typically unaffordable for smaller-scale players, PriceCal is able to accomplish this.

With this, printers are able to offer more variety of print products and services, addressing the overspending and underearning issues, which will in turn, result in higher earnings, up to RM100,000 in revenue.

“We initially built PriceCal with our tech partners Cymric Studio and Entreship Solution Enterprise as an in-house solution to connect us with wholesalers and partners. As early adopters of the online space, we received monetary support for the initial development of the software from E2I, the leading network for employability solutions in Singapore.

“During the course of the pandemic, we decided to develop a commercial version to benefit all printers. During the course of the pandemic, we decided to develop a commercial version to benefit all printers.

“After more than 5,000 hours of development over the past 17 years, along with multiple bug fixes, optimisation efforts, and security features implementations, we believe that the software is now ready to be utilised by printers across the industry to benefit their individual businesses as well as the industry as a whole. While always present, not many printing companies seize the opportunity to grow. We want to be the catalyst for the growth and prosperity of this industry,” Welson added.

PriceCal will be making its debut in the upcoming International Printing, Paper, Packaging Machinery Exhibition (IPMEX) 2022, which will take place at Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur.