No stranger to the local fashion scene, the gorgeous actress had been strutting the catwalks since the early 90’s and modeled for the likes of Escada in Munich and Jean-Louis Scherner in Paris. Standing tall at 178cm, the leggy model is not only gorgeous but articulate and charming which makes her impossible to forget. From top model to beauty queen, Kavita broke the record as the first Malaysian to have won an international beauty pageant title when she brought home the Miss Charm International crown in 1990. Her sudden fame had also landed her some significant roles on the silver screen. Beautiful and talented, Kavita cemented her star status through her roles in high grossed films such as Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam in 2004 and Tanda Putera in 2013. In 2006, she got married to the love of her life, Roberto Guiati who founded some of the most acclaimed Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

Born on November 29, 1971, the former beauty queen keeps her life low-key and it makes her fans wonder what she is currently working up to especially during the pandemic. Kavita seems so pleased to be out and about again after nearly two years of continuous lockdowns. “It feels great to be back! We’ve been trapped at home for too long and things are way better now,” says Kavita with a sigh of relief. “Not to mention the uncertainties and that unsettling feeling of living in a post-pandemic world but somehow we must always look at the bright side of things. We all have to stay positive in order to cope with the new normal.” Kavita says exercising makes her feel better and eating right helps too. The actress highlighted her concern over the crucial need of everyone to follow the SOP’s given. “To move forward, we need to be responsible and look out for each other. It’s best to stay vigilant.”

Kavita Sidhu is still so passionate whenever we brought up about the acting and the film industry. The actress admits that there are a few projects in the pipeline which some she may be working on right now. “I’ve been bouncing ideas with my director for new film productions but unfortunately it was put on hold due to the MCO. But now since we’re back on track, I just can’t wait to share with everyone once we’ve finalize all the details!” As Kavita adds on, she’s currently working on two upcoming films with hints of a horror flick and an epic action movie.

While she’s gaining back her momentum in acting, Kavita is also busy helping her husband run their restaurateur business. Zenzero Restaurant and Wine Bar, Luce Osteria Contemporanea and the newly opened Roberto’s 1020, are some of the best Italian eatery and fine dining spots in the city. “Roberto’s 1020 opened its door in December last year at Bangsar Shopping Centre. It was at the height of a crippling pandemic when many established businesses were struggling to keep afloat and yet, there we were… launching a new restaurant.” Everything fell into its places according to her husband’s initial plan. Kavita points out, the risk they took paid off in the end. “Roberto and I, when it comes to working relationship, we try to keep it professional. I’m helping him in promotion, marketing and branding. The respect is mutual.” In terms of the day and today operation, Kavita doesn’t interfere much and respectfully lets her husband take charge since he does it so well.

Looking into the future, in career and in business, Kavita is always thinking of new ideas. “There’s so much that I’d like to do, but I also feel that it’s important for us to take things slow and not be hasty. The pandemic changed my sense of feeling of what is important and for me, finding the balance is as crucial as enjoying the things that we love. I love being in a game and for as long as I love it, I’ll do it.”