A human made structure within the natural landscape represents a certain kind of poetic exploration. When architect , Javier Senosiain unveiled his latest work in 1984, Casa Organica, a juxtaposition of archetypal home against the vast sceneries exudes a new sense of living . This striking organic form is back making headlines.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. Hence, the relationship of man to nature should be continuous and this is what Javier Senosiain is trying to depict through his designs. Widely considered to be one of the pioneers of organic architecture, Casa Organica in Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico City is hailed as one of the best works by the renowned architect. The structure is in full display and you can expect to see exciting and innovative design solutions conceived the design genius.

Senosiain reveals the newest solution for building sustainability present in nature through biomimetic architecture. This fascinating residential building turned public museum was born from the idea of creating a space that fulfilled the physical and psychological needs of a human being, working closely with nature by learning from its principals.

Certainly, the aesthetically distinctive Casa Organica proves to be one of Senosiain’s most compelling design. Not only it replicates the natural forms, Senosiain was thinking ahead by creating wide integral spaces that are ultimately liberating. The integrated furniture facilitate circulation, creating a freeing sense of uninterrupted space. In some ways, Senosiain spends decades of his career experimenting with habitable space and its relationship with nature.

Casa Organica is probably one of the best examples of biomimetic. Comprising a dining room, living room, bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and kitchen, the interior is designed in a curvy manner with spiral illusions to create a compelling visual perspective. Walkways seem to look like tunnels, green roofing feels like a vison from the fabled hanging gardens. From the walls to the ceiling, a soothing impression continues in earthy palette.