‘Squid Game’ gained massive attention worldwide after it was ranked #1 on Netflix U.S., following phenomenal success on Netflix Japan, Korea, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong. These countries are just few of the 83 countries that the show has topped in the TV shows category. It also broke the record for having the highest U.S. ranking achieved by a Korean series, previously held by ‘Sweet Home’.

The series highlights a few “players” enrolled into a multi-day survival game. The players are renditioned to an island and constrained to contend in jungle gym games, with the champs progressing to the following game and the washouts being shot, wounded, plunged, or killed in another imaginative and abhorrent style.

Later six games, the champ is granted the money related sum allocated to each and every individual who has been killed for the last prize being a few ₩ 45 billion.

Toward the finish of the series, we gain proficiency with a few things about the game. We become familiar with the game has been continuing for a really long time and has included a great many members. We learn one of those members (and victor) is the Front Man, sibling of investigator Hwang Jun-ho—who he shoots and who tumbles off a precipice (destiny obscure). We discover that the coordinator of the games is truth be told Oh Il-nam (No. 0001), the elderly person. He established the games with a few affluent companions later the gathering had become exhausted with their fortunes and needed to have “fun.”

We additionally discover that notwithstanding Oh’s passing and the photographs Hwang endeavored to ship off his Seoul police accomplices, the following year’s games are going all out. The series closes with Seong Gi-hun (No. 0456) decidedly passing on the air terminal to stop the association’s next game.