By Francis Yip Hon Cheng

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia was recently selected by a global direct selling stem cell firm to host its international delegates summit – signalling the likely entry of another wellness-based corporation into the lucrative local market of wellness.

The California-based Calerie Life which specialises in supplements and skincare products organised its Calerie Summit 2023, which was held in Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC).

Its had made its debut in the country in 2021 on the back of a strong culture for a quality wellness lifestyle following the global scare of the COVID-19 virus.

Droves of delegates, especially from Taiwan were present the event to showcase first its products and secondly, the company’s firm determination to promote its strong corporate social responsibility drive (CSR).

Calerie Life, the top five health supplement company in America, hosted about 1,300 business partners and premium diamond-level leaders from 11 countries

But one distinguish pattern is the company’s dedication to CSR as a form of its branding.

At the gala dinner, Calerie donated RM280,000 worth of supplements to the Child Brain Impaired Insan Welfare Society (PKKI).

From left, Flipse, Kamri, Dr. Tiew and Mary.

Present was Selangor Legislative Deputy Speaker, Mohd Kamri Kamaruddin, who witnessed the handing over of the cheque.

Also present were Calerie Life group president and founder, Steve Flipse and PKKI Ambassador, Mary Sia Ling Ling as well Calerie associate, Dr. Zhang Qui Ming and Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Special Needs Children Association president, Dr. Tiew Chew Meng.

Flipse said that Calerie wants to spread it caring philosophy worldwide.

“Self care starts with cell care to Malaysia shore, and it starts with you and caring for the needy. It is not just about the business.”

“Calerie Life believes in the ability of caloric restriction (CR), which can help instigate weight loss and increase longevity in human. Our rationale is supported by scientific research and numerous clinical studies,” he stressed.

Established in Los Angeles, USA in 2019, Calerie Life is a leading brand in the cellular anti-aging field and nutritional science.

Backed by over 20 years of solid experience in biotechnology and the advantages of this enterprise including research and development, production, supply and sales, Calerie Life has grown in just three years here.

Made 100% in USA, the entire caring product range of Calerie Life which comprises health supplements and skin care products are listed on the US PDR (Doctor’s Desk Reference Guide).

The Calerie Summit 2023 also marked a new milestone for the company as it made its debut in Malaysia through its highly researched products and business opportunities.

PKKI is also celebrating its 25th anniversary as a place to treat brain impairments.

The centre needs long-term medical, administrative, living, education and other expenses, and Calerie Life wants to be part of this caring journey to assist them.

The company also announced that there are plans to donate another RM467,000 annually to the centre.