In an effort to express gratitude for the Malaysian frontliners, a local business, NR (formerly known as Nona Roguy, which pioneered in the health industry, specialising in herbs are launching a CSR initiative dubbed, ‘NR4FRIDAY’. The programme will start tomorrow, 10 September 2021.

The program aims to spread awareness to the public about the importance of looking after their overall health while the country is recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. A few local artists will also take part in the Instagram live series. They are Anzalna Nasir, Betty Rahmad dan Farah Nabilah.

NR Launches ‘NR4FRIDAY’ To Express Thanks to Malaysian Frontliners
CEO of NR, Tuan Syed Hidzir Syed Agil.

“NR4FRIDAYS is an initiative that is not centred on profit, rather to place focus to our four-part series which will include contributions to the frontliners,” Tuan Syed Hidzir Syed Agil, Chief Executive Officer of NR said.

Syed Hidzir added that the activities conducted with strategic partners are aimed at civil servants who have sacrificed themselves in order to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to them.

The programme is titled ‘NR4FRIDAYS’ as the donation drive will take place every Friday throughout the month of September. In Islam, Friday is known as the day of blessing as Allah will grant blessings and rewards for little deeds of kindness and righteousness.

On 10 September 2021, NR and their partners will pay a visit to Sungai Buloh Hospital and distribute food pack, cordless phone, stationeries as well as mobile phones to the ICU Unit in the hospital.

The Instagram live will begin at 9 pm every night starting tomorrow and the following Fridays on 17 September, 24 September and 1 October.

NR Launches ‘NR4FRIDAY’ To Express Thanks to Malaysian Frontliners
NR Launches ‘NR4FRIDAY’ To Express Thanks to Malaysian Frontliners

One more artist will be decided for 1 October 2021, Radhiah Ahmad, NR’s Head of Strategy and Innovation said. Radhiah added that the live stream will also touch on issue such as the importance of maintaining physical and mental health during these time. In addition, it provides an opportunity for followers and the artist to interact, discuss and share knowledge about the Covid-19.

The title for the live stream on 10 September will be ‘sacrifice’, whereby the host, Anzalna Nasir will share about the sacrifices made by nurses that is on duty. On the following Friday, the theme of the live stream will be about ‘stigma’, where celebrity Farah Nabilah will make an appearance together with guest specialist and guest reporter to discuss about stigma that surrounds a Covid-19 patient. 

On 24 September, the topic of the stream will centred on the significance of a vaccination and the health of children during the pandemic. The experience will be shared by celebrity Betty Rahmad together with her guest. On the last week, the stream will be about mental health.

NR hopes that through the streams, the society will realised the importance of maintaining one’s health, physical and mental, and the importance of getting vaccinated.