Healthcare is one of the most important industries in a nation. Efficiency in healthcare is the most sought-after factor when seeking treatment. Day in and day out, people throng the hospital seeking treatment for their illnesses. With the hustling and bustling within the walls of the hospital, many will find it unnecessary to wait in line just to get basic treatment such as wound care or wound dressing. That is where Woundcare Services comes in. Led by M. Pirehma Marimuthu, Woundcare Services is on a mission to treat all-type non-healing wounds, providing an alternative solution for amputations by administering effective wound treatment.  

Centre: M. Pirehma Marimuthu, Director of Woundcare Services, with her family at WOEA 2021/22

As the director of a company, the responsibilities shouldered are heavy. They ensured that the mission and vision of the company are met, while making sure that all staff give their full commitment. “My major role in the company is to enforce effective management of diabetic foot and wounds and ultimately, ensure the patients are treated with utmost care and with great professionalism to expedite healing outcomes,” Pirehma, director of Woundcare Services said.

Getting into this industry was no coincidence for Pirehma. “I chose this industry because of my late mother who passed away in 1994 due to diabetes complications. From there, I pursued my knowledge in diabetes educatorship, foot care and wound care. Healthcare, particularly in the field of diabetic foot care was chosen as the number of foot complications ended up with foot complications and in the worst scenario, lower limb amputations.”

Being in the healthcare industry for so long, there are numerous achievements accomplished by Pirehma. According to her, she has grown a lot throughout the years and has acquired lots of knowledge, experience and skills when it comes to diabetes, foot care, wound management, and in turn, utilising them to achieve positive outcomes in patients who suffered from foot complications. “Professionally, I was able to create awareness about foot complications and educate nurses and doctors on the importance of diabetic foot care and wound management, in a mission to save limbs,” Pirehma added.

In the business world, healthy competition is vital. Having the company stand out from the rest is important as it will set the organisation apart. Woundcare Services stands out from the rest as being an establishment to manage foot complications and find the most workable solutions to patients. “My passion is  to go all out to find the most suitable solution to manage complicated foot problems and ‘SAY NO TO AMPUTATION’. How Woundcare differs from the rest of our competitors is that we provide the best care & treatment; either conventional, advanced, modern or complementary treatment to improve healing outcomes and prevent foot complications which ultimately could prevent lower limb amputations, which are steadily on the rise,” the director said.

In the next 12 months, Pirehma plans to establish another two wound care facilities in the Klang Valley and to increase more nurses to facilitate the increase of patients in their centres. “In addition to increasing our wound care facilities, I have plans to expand homecare for wounds in the Klang Valley.”

Pirehma was one of the recipients of the Women of Excellence Award. As one of the recipients, she hopes to encourage more qualified women to join the sector, especially in diabetes, foot and wound care, which is required as foot disease related to diabetes and foot complications are on the rise. “When more people get involved in this sector, patients will have more access to effective & efficient care for their feet and improve their quality of lives,” she said.