The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has stated its intention to include the views and hopes of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) who were adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, in a bid to draft a more holistic Budget 2023.  

According to Deputy Minister of Finance I, Datuk Mohd Shahar Abdullah, Budget 2023 is vital in order to help these companies achieve profit or performance as prior to the pandemic.

“We have to be on the ground, to hear what they want because we can no longer look at reports, as it might give a façade that does not reflect reality,” he said during the Entrepreneurship Empowerment and Fersyella open house session last night.

Also present during the event was his wife, Datin Dr. Syarifah Nur Insyirah Saifuddin Shah; Founder of Fersyella onestopbeautycentre, Siti Nurfarahin Mohd Sharif; Assistant Managing Director of Fersyella, Saddam Hussein Hasrat; and the President of PEKIDA Malaysia, Dato Mohd Foad Mat Isa and his wife, Datin Noraslinda Abdullah.

Deputy Minister of Finance I, Datuk Mohd Shahar Abdullah

Mohd Shahar stated that through the session, he was able to help the ministry plan better allocations, especially for the empowerment of SME entrepreneurs in the country.

“The ministry is now not only looking at large companies, but special attention is also given to the SME entrepreneurs,” he said.

Siti Nurfarahin Mohd Sharif, Founder of Fersyella

The open house was held to promote the opening of “Fersyella; One Stop Beauty Centre”, while also celebrating the success of female entrepreneurs who created their own brand as well as launching their product line, specifically Siti Nurfarahin, founder of Fersyella.

Siti Nurfarahin, or more fondly known as Puan Farah has laid out several plans to develop her empire in the next two years. She also intends to start a Beauty Clinic that will be managed together with her brother, Dr Yusuf Mohd Sharif, who is also a medical officer.  

The event has even garnered the attention of several local agencies, who will set up an exhibition to introduce and showcase products/services offered by participating parties.