A restaurant in Holland has created probably the most outlandish burger that costs $6,000.

The food outlet came up with the business idea to break a world record and created ‘The Golden Boy’.

According to the owner, Robbert Jan de Veen said that it has always been his “childhood dream to create a world record”.

“Breaking a world record has been a childhood dream of mine and it feels amazing,” Robbert was quoted saying.

The current title for the most expensive burger in the world is created. By Juicys Outlaw Grill in Oregon, United States. It weighs 352.44kg and is priced at $5,000. The burger has been holding the record since 2011, according to the Guinness World Records.

What makes The Golden Boy expensive is the bun of the burger contains a gold leaf, while it includes white truffle, king crab, beluga caviar, duck egg mayonnaise, and Dom Pérignon champagne.

“I thought, I can do better than that. Even though this burger is extremely costly, you should still use your hands because that’s the only way to eat a burger,” Robbert said.

Photo Credit: https://www.odditycentral.com